FD-1PF Freeze Dryer

Name :Freeze Dryer

Model: FD-1PF


1.it was made of imported compresser, good effeciency.

2.trap has a big gap, to take advantage of trap for pre-freezing.

3.the main machine annexs salver freezing-drying,multi-pipe freezing-drying as well as glass flask gland freezing-drying.

4.PID controller, Temperature or pressure digital display.

5.electric vacuum pressure relief valve, automatically logic control, no interruption for person.


1.tray area   0.09- 0 .12m²(D:200mm tray for 4 stores) 

2.trap area    9.5L

3.trap temperature    -50°C

4.water ablity  4kg/24h

5.vacuum pressure    < 15Pa

6.overall size:460×460×(690+480)

7.optional: multi-pipe freezing-drying box,8channels, total 4 stores; multi-pipe freezing-drying box with gland, total three stores.non-multi-pipe freezing-drying box with gland four stores.

Note: optional imported vacuum pump

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