FD-1CL Freeze Dryer

Name :Freeze Dryer



1.it was made of imported compresser, good effeciency.

2.heating elimination of wind-cooling, do not need water cooling.

3.vacuum connection is made of international standard sparepart, it is convenient.

4.trap temperature and sample vacuum degree for digital display, it is easy.

5.the operation is very easy for soft key.

6.drying room for transparency, naturally heat, saftly,directly.

7.stainless table trap, perfect.

8.low noise.


1.trap temperature:<-80°C 
2.vacuum degree:20Pabelow
3.time of freezing-drying: about 24hours, its thickness is not more than 10mm

4.size of room: φ262×480(mm),max 8flask, flask following spec: 1000ml,500ml,250ml,100ml,

Sample dish

Common :

Specially designed stainless sample frame, adjustable distance of sample, freely design layer quantity, the diameter of material drying dish for 200mm, total four stores, can put materials about 1200ml(thickness for 10mm), or can put 256 units flask for diameter 22mm.

Gland Cover: The material drying dish about 200mm, total three stores, can put the materials about 900ml(thickness for 10mm) or put 192 flask for diameter 22mm.

Electrical requirements: 220V±10% 50Hz 800W
stantard configuration: Table-top main machine, 2L vacuum pump, Drying device, 8 units rubber vavle, 8 units glass drying flask.


Note:Optional: Multi-pipe freeze dryer with common(FD-1CL common)

Freeze dryer with gland cover(FD-1L gland cover)

Freeze dryer with common(FD-1L common) our FD-1L is same as our FD-1CL, only haven’t multi-pipe.

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