FD-1C Freeze Dryer

Name :Freeze Dryer

Model: FD-1C

1.it was made of imported compresser, good effeciency. 

2.heating elimination of wind-cooling, do not need water cooling.

3.vacuum connection is made of international standard sparepart, it is convenient.

4.trap temperature and sample vacuum degree for digital display, it is easy.

5.the operation is very easy for soft key.

6.drying room for transparency, naturally heat, saftly,directly.

7.stainless table trap, perfect.

8.low noise.


1.tray area   0.09- 0 .12m²(D:200mm tray for 4 stores) 

2.tray’s materials:    0.9-1.2L

3.trap temperature    -50°C

4.water ablity  3kg/24h

5.vacuum pressure    13 15Pa

6.overall size:405×630×(320+480)

7.optional: multi-pipe freezing-drying box,8channels, total 4stores(FD-1C common),multi-pipe freezing-drying with gland cover,total three stores(FD-1C gland cover),  non-multi-pipe freezing-drying with gland cover(FD-1 gland cover) three stores

Note:optional imported vacuum pump.

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