HEB-60-340-LA ultra-low Temperature Freezer

-60℃ultra-low Temperature Freezer

Model: HEB-60-340-LA 
Brand: HEB

Usage: The ultra-low Temperature Freezer offers a wide variety of research and storage applications,such as low temperature scientific experiments,preservation of  plasma,biomaterial vaccine,biomadical products. It is suitable for research institutes ,electronic industries,cheminal engineering industries , hospital,sanitation,and antiepidemic stations,university laboratories, military industries.

Refrigeration principle: Single-compressor auto cascade

Inner Temperature: -60 deg. C

Capacity (liters): 340

Temperature Adjustment Range: -10- -60 deg. C

Noise (db): 57

Power: 600W


Voltage: 220V 50HZ

Exterior Dimensions (H*W*D): 1890*810*810(mm)

Interior Dimensions (H*W*D):1140*540*550(mm)

Case Material: cold-rolled steel with spraying plastics

Chamber Material: stainless steel

Compressor: DANFOSS

Fan: Germany EBM 29W

Sensor: PT100

Temperature controller: Japan RKC

Pressure Relay: DANFOSS

Time Relay:  Japan OMRON

Auxiliary Relay: Japan OMRON

Oil Separator: Taiwan GUANYA

Refrigerant: environment-friendly, fluorine-free

Weight: 270KG


Main Features:

1. Unique refrigerating technique with both fan and natural convection, protecting condenser fins against dust build-up

2. Environment-friendly, fluorine-free refrigerants

3. Two ways of condensation, by fans and air convection.

4. R232 connect (optional) is of great help in data-analyzing

5. Accessories of world-famous brand, ensuring the quality.

6. Designed according to the customers' individual demand, with high performance-price ratio

7. Both light and sound alarms systems are available

8. Noise abatement insulation package for quieter operations

9. The removable filter makes the cleanout easier.

10 .1.89m in height, easy to be carried into and out of room (the height of common room is 190cm)

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