Portable-Type Sterilizer YXQ-LS-18SI
Name:  Portable-Type Sterilizer YXQ-LS-18SI
Model:  YXQ-LS-18SI
As a professional sterilizer manufacturer which has the production experience over ten years, we believe that our advanced technology will widen the choice for your experiments.
Portable type sterilizer series product is the equipment which utilizes the pressure saturated steam for sterilizing goods quickly and reliable. It is applicable to be used in medical and health work, scientific and agriculture institute. It is a perfect equipment for sterilizing the medical equipment, dressing, glassware, liquor culture medium, etc.
Auto-control type
Material: outer and chamber are made of high quality stainless steel SUS304, acidproof, alkali resistance, anti-corrosive
Auto-exhause when over pressure 0.145-0.165MPa
Rated working temperature 126 -128
Double scale Class 2 count pressure gauge
Auto-raising type packing ring
Low water level heater
Pressure control temperature adjustable device (110-127)
Sterilization time adjustable device (0-60min)
Electric heating type
Technical Parameters
Model: YXQ-LS-18I
Volume: 18L
Rated working temperature: 126
Rated working pressure: 0.145MPa
Power Consumption: 2KW
Power supply: 220V10%/50Hz2%
DIM. Exterior (mm): D=390, H=530
Time range: 0-60min
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