Roclear pure water systems

Automatic intermittent recirculation to maintain purity water w

Large cylinder head clearance to accept a wide range of containers
Water quality monitoring at a glance via the easy to read electronic display
Cartridge Identification technology provides validatable traceability, and assures correct usage. It’s your guarantee of capacity, quality and safety
Consumable change reminders to prevent a drop in water quality
Easy maintenance with direct access to consumables via user friendly service doors
System sanitization to minimize microbial growth
Space saving in design with a variety of positioning options.
Audio visual alarms for total peace of mind

Roclear pure water systems

Catalogue No.
Dispens volume
Feeding Water
Tap water
Dispense water
pure water

Water Quality

Up to 98% rejection of inorganics;
>99% rejection in organics1& bacteria2;
Feeding pressure
0.1 -0.4Mpa
Working conditions
5-40℃;220V/50Hz ,50-100W
Feed to ultra-pure water systems, autoclaves, environmental cabinets and stills, Glassware washing, Steam generators, Hydroponics
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