Clean Bench SW-CJ-2F
 Clean Bench SW-CJ-2F
Model:  SW-CJ-2F
Summary of Usage:
Clean bench is a necessary basic equipment for biologic technical research and experiment. It is widely applicable in the field of medical sanitation, pharmacy, chemicalexperiment, electron, national defence, accurate apparatus, instruments for purifying air in the operation area.
Structure Feature:
Sorts: Vertical flow, one person one side, one person two sides, two person one side and two person two sides.
Material: Outer adopts high quality cold rolled steel plate with static spray-plastic, operation table adopts SUS304 stainless steel material which is anti-corrosive and easy to clean.
Performance Feature:
Adopts acentric fan, steady rotate speed, and low noise;
Display control system, adopts LCD indicating and touch type switch, six sections of wind speed can be adjusted from 0.1-0.6 m/s, equipped with UV light and floodlight control which makes the operation easier, timer range of sterilization is 0-999min;
Vertical close type table, the down airflow is formed in the operation area for preventing the air outside from permeating and keeping the operation area clean. SW-CJ-1F(D) is equipped with operation holes to prevent peculiar smell from diffusing;
Equipped with HEPA, set the pre-filtration as the middle efficiency filtration system to extend the uselife of HEPA;
Humanizational design considers the requirement of user adequately. Two types of moveable door meets the requirement of user. One type is moveable operation window equipped with holes, another type is the clean bench whose the operation window can be located optionally. It adopts counterweight balance type structure to locate the operation window optionally prescribed limit to make the experiments easier.
Techinial Parameters:
Model: SW-CJ-2F (two person two sides) optional locating
Display mode: LCD
Airflow direction: Vertical flow
Working face: 2
Cleanliness: Class 100@0.5µm(Fed 209E)
Airflow speed range: 0.1-0.6m/s(adjustable)
Noise: 62dB
Vibration/half peak: 3µm(X, Y, Z directions)
Iilluminance: 300LX
Working zone (mm): 1300*700*520
Overall DIM.(mm): 1460*700*1650
Size & No. of HEPA: 580*565*50*
Size & No. of  fluorescent lamp/UV light: 20W*/20W*
Weight (kg): 210
Power consumption (kw): 0.3
Power supply: AC22010V 50/60Hz
Notes: DIM.note: L*D*H, Working ambinet temp.: 5-40, Humidity70%, no obvious vibration and dust existence around.
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