LC-100 Liquid Chromatography

Detailed Product Description

This instrument adopts the technology of digital communication

This instrument adopts the technology of digital communication, which enables it to fully control all the operations of every unit of the LC-100 HPLC system and accomplish the isocratic analysis, high-pressure gradient analysis, wavelength scanning and spectrum Scanning etc.
Main Features:

System is under fully automated digital intelligent computer control
In-parallel connected pumps with reciprocating double plungers improve the stability and dependability and prolong the service life.
Its appearance is novel, and its operation is quite convenient and simply and fully incarnates the design of humanization.
Every performance index is excellent and is competent to match popular fellow products abroad.
Optical path system adopts a precise positioning structure and the technology of heat insulation installation, which guarantees high precision, small excursion and short period for stabilization.

Reciprocating pump with a parallel connection of double plungers and an intelligent control of a microprocessor has higher operating pressure, smaller pulsation, stable performance, convenient operation and some other features, etc. Through alternating the double plungers to perfuse, the service life of the piston rod and that of the leather packing collar are twice longer than those of common pumps with connection in series.

All the mechanical components of the pumps adopt the computer aided design. Every key spare part is made in advanced digital control machining centers of the world. So, on the basis of such extraordinary machining accuracy and every set of pump after strict pressure tests, we can guarantee that our pumps will never have any possibility of leakage! Please use it free from care.

The product has process monitoring function. The microprocessor furnished has the flow of the pump under a real-time control and provides an actual monitoring of the perfusion pressure. Once the pressure exceeds the limit, the pump will give an alarm and automatically stop operating.

Advanced Structural Design: The whole structure adopts a modular design and, including its mechanical parts and circuit parts can be independently assembled/ disassembled, so it is very conveniently for troubleshooting and maintenance.

The product adopts the micro drive circuit under a microprocessor control, which gets the stepper motor that drives the pump runs steadily, reduces its noise and enlarges the allowable range of speed regulation. So the product can satisfy the requirements of both the routine analysis and the microanalysis of flow well.

It has the function of process monitoring. The microprocessor performs a real-time control of flow and monitors the actual perfusion pressure constantly. In case of exceeding the pressure limit, it will give an alarm and stopping the pump's operation automatically.

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