Gpc Gel Permeation Chromatography System

Detailed Product Description

GPC system uses high polymer physical properties

GPC system uses high polymer physical properties such as average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution curve to analyze the differences of the final products, so the precise solvent delivery and testing the stability must be ensured.

It can be used not only for isolation and identification of small molecular substance, but also for analyzing macromolecular homologues with the same chemical property and different molecular volume, which is applicable to test of high polymers and organic compounds.

When apparatuses and experimental conditions are determined, the elution volume of the solute is connected with the molecular weight. The bigger the molecular weight is, the smaller the elution volume will be.

GPC chromatographic column can be used together with differential refractive index detector, ultraviolet absorption detector, and viscosity detectors and with special software.


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