GC522 Gas Chromatography

Detailed Product Description

Advanced Microcomputer System with Excellent Control Function;Flexible Sample Injector System Satisfying Various Analysis Reuest

Advanced Microcomputer System with Excellent Control Function
The microcomputer temperature control system with remarkable performance has adopted the internationally advanced control technology, with a high precision of temperature control(within (- ∞, -0.5) and (+0.5, + ∞)), a high dependability and a better anti-interference, which is divided into 5 separate temperature control zones with the maximal control temperature up to 400°C. Its limit temperature settings and superheat protection function guarantee the operating safety of this instrument.
Its keyboard can set parameters for various kinds of control and operation functions (including the operating parameters for the detector) with a strong logic and very simple operation.  In addition, it has functions of self diagnosis, power-off protection, 10 kinds of modes of saving and invoking files, 2 controls of external events, timing start-up/shut-down temperature control, timing procedures, parameter and range settings of detector, settings and display of polarity and current and some other functions, which enables the instrument to specifically display setting values, actual values, timings for saving and analysis of each temperature control, etc.
 Flexible Sample Injector System Satisfying Various Analysis Requirements
The instrument can install up to three sample injectors at the same time. According to the analysis requirements, the instrument can choose the best combination of the sample injectors, each unit of such combination can control the temperature independently, and the assembly/disassembly of these sample injectors may be very simple.
 Sample Injector with Mono Packed Column/Double Packed Columns
The device can realize the sample injection method that the sample is entered from the head of the packed column, which enables it to be widely used by various kinds of chromatographic columns and increases 6-way valves to make gas analysis. To adopt some connector pieces in the sample injector with packed column enables the instrument to finish 0.53 wide aperture capillary column analyses simply and conveniently.
 2 Kinds of Sample Injector Systems with Capillary Columns Suitable for Various Specifications of Capillary Columnsa)     Sample injector with special-purpose capillary column, having the blowing-up function of diaphragm and the shunting regulation with back pressure valves.b)     Shunting/non-shunting sample injector with special-purpose capillary column is furnished with independent carrier gas circuit and make-up gas, has the flowing-up function of diaphragm and the shunting regulation with back pressure valves. The cleaning solenoid value at the entry realizes the shunting/non-shunting sample handling of capillary columns through setting the timing programme.
 Detector with High Sensitivity and Stability
The instrument can install up to three detectors, for instance FID, TCD, ECD, etc., at the same time. Upon different analysis requirements, it can adopt different combination of such detectors, so as to realize the connection of these detectors in series or in parallel conveniently.
New-type FID has lower limit of detection, which makes the disassembly and cleanout of ejector nozzle and ion collector and guarantees highly consistency of performance of each set of detectors through precisely fixing up the installation structure of the emitter.
High-sensitivity TCD adopts the rhenium-tungsten wire of high resistance and offers double amplification circuit with a sensitivity up to 5000mV·mL/mg. The unique structure of thermal protection and insulation brings TCD higher stability of performance.
Impulse-width modulation ECD constant-current source has a PC-based option of sensitivity and electrical current.
 Double Stable Gas Circuit with High Precision
The carrier gas circuit adopts a double steady design basing on a steady pressure valve and a steady current valve. The make-up flow of air and H.2 adopts a regulation mode basing on a steady pressure valve and a needle valve. Both of the steady current valve and the needle valve adopt digital vernier knobs with high precision, repeatability and dependability. In addition, their flow control operations are quite simple and intuitionistic.
Column Heater with High Performance and Large Capacity
The column heater with large capacity can be installed conveniently and can hold capillary columns and double packed columns. It has the quick heating/cooling function through an automate back door mechanism and can realize the allowable room temperature control. The heating procedures of the column heater can be divided into 5 stages and 6 flights
Multiple Accessories Provided Free of Charge for a Carefree Installation
The instrument has a complete set of accessories for original installation, such as purifier, offers the complete enclosure installed and used for the first time, such as purifying device, exterior gas circuit pipes, wrenches, entry needle and various kinds of connectors, attached to, so user just needs to prepare the source of the gas. The above-mentioned accessories needn't be paid in addition either!
Temperature Control
Range of Temperature Control: with a room temperature above 7°C to 400 °C (the increment is 1 °C)
Objects of Temperature Control: column heater, detector, thermal conductivity cell, sample injector and accessories
Ascending Stages: five stages Ascending Speed: 0.1°C~40°C/min (the increment is 0.1 °C) Constant-Temperature Period: 055minS (the increment is 1min) Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Sensitivity: M≤1×10-11g/s (C16) Optimal Test Result: M≤ 8* 10-12g/s (C16) Noise: ≤5×10-14A
Excursion: ≤6×10-13A/h Linear Range: ≥106 Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) Sensitivity: ≥2500mV·mL/mg (C16)
Noise: ≤20μV Excursion: ≤30μV/h Maximal Sensitivity: 10000mV·mL/mg (electronic magnification) Linear Range: ≥104 Electron Capture Detector (ECD) Limit of Detection: ≤2×10-13gram per second(r-666)
Linear Range: ≥103 Utmost Operating Temperature: 350°C
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